Kait Kybar

Kait Kybar

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First Name * Kait
Last Name * Kybar
Username * Kait
Country * Saint Kitts and Nevis
City Stockholm
Nationality est
Languages English


Current Position Freelnacer
Preferred Tools PhotoshopSoftimage


Availability: Freelance
Twitter @kaitkybar
Skype kait.kybar


I paint like a breathe. I do not see the world, I think the world. I knew what I was born for the day I`ve discovered the
works of Syd Mead or Graig Mullins. I believe in learning from all but I never imitate none. Im a high school dropout and talent is the
only hedge I know of.


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
To earn it, make great work, and start networking to get your work seen. Editor's Choice 2